Compact, lightweight, long-lasting and reliable in extreme temperatures, Saft Tel.X-Plus Ni-Cd battery provide vital back-up power for the new generation of wireless networks Tel.X-Plus is a compact maintenance-free nickel battery solution for on-grid telecom networks. Saft’s Tel.X-Plus nickel batteries, for wireless and wireline backup power, are particularly well adapted to on-grid applications in hot climates and is ideal for telecom backup for use in BTC and BSC. Tel.X-Plus nickel battery solution is compatible with all existing and new telecom equipment, making it a perfect direct replacement for VRLA batteries where space is limited and there is limited capacity. Maintenance-free and easy to install, Tel.X-Plus is high-energy density, compact and 30 % lighter than a conventional lead-acid battery. It can be delivered in a standard rack at either 48V or 24V, with the option of a rack system suitable for use in level-4 seismic zones. Tel.X-Plus Ni-Cd battery offers the same reliability, same DNA as the trusted Tel.X; maintenance-free, form factor, and TCO.  Added features/benefits:
  • 174 W/cell @ 1hr rate (down to 1.10 VDC/cell) -vs. 110 W/cell with standard Tel.X
  • High power -M type vs. L energy Type for standard Tel.X-
  • Improved low temperature performances


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