Seanergy 2.0 is designed to support decarbonization and enable electric and hybrid propulsion for marine applications.  The battery offers very high energy density at a reduced cost with no maintenance. The new Seanergy 2.0 battery is built using Saft’s proven lithium-ion technology for a compact, maintenance-free solution in a modular design, allowing the battery system to be adapted to each user profile. The new design optimizes the system volume, simplifying retrofit for existing vessels. Built with safety at the cornerstone, Seanergy 2.0 is designed and qualified for non-propagation. It will meet the power and energy requirements of a wide variety of marine applications such as passenger vessels, ferries, cruise liners, tugboats and yachts.

Designed to support hybrid-electric and full electric ships, the Seanergy 2.0 batteries will save fuel, CO2 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions when in use.  Adding to the environmental benefits, the batteries are assembled and tested in France, one of the lowest CO2 loaded countries in the world.  In addition, it is designed to meet the highest marine industry standard certifications. 



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