Intelli-Connect™ is a powerful digital nickel battery monitoring solution that allows battery fleet operators to remotely monitor the condition of a limitless number of nickel batteries.

Ideal for scattered and isolated sites, Intelli-Connect™ battery management system features advanced State of Charge and State of Health proprietary algorithms that display real-time status of the nickel batteries condition based on measured temperature, current, voltage, and electrolyte level. Operators can log in locally or via a web app to review data, graphs and charts. 

This remote nickel battery monitoring system allows operators to shift from time-based to condition-based battery maintenance, which saves operational expenses with 75 percent fewer site visits.

Capital expenditure is also optimized as nickel batteries are only replaced when needed. With nickel batteries already providing a long and reliable lifetime, Intelli-Connect™ nickel battery management system further reduces their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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