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Select the environment that best represents your field of application.

What type of application are you developing?

Select the application that best describes your project. If you don’t find any matching proposal, you can select “Other” and enter free text.

Where is your IoT solution going to be deployed?

Temperature affects the battery performance and must be taken into account during the selection process. Please clarify whether your application is going to be deployed indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoor : from 10°C to 30°C
  • Outdoor : from -40°C to +85°C according to the geographic location

In which geographical areas are you planning to deploy your solution?

The geographic location of your device, if deployed outdoor, will impact the temperature profile used in the calculation. It influences the battery technology and its estimated autonomy. If your project is being deployed in several geographic zones, we advise you to perform separate simulations

Have you chosen a connectivity solution?

The selected connectivity solution is affecting the device’s energy consumption thus influencing the battery selection and estimated autonomy. We have set some "typical profiles" for each connectivity solution. You can evaluate the impact of the chosen connectivity solution on your battery selection by selecting another communication protocol once you arrive at the results page.

Ultimately —in order for our experts to recommend you the optimal battery for your use case and an exact estimate of your battery lifetime in your device— you will need to measure precisely the energy consumption of your device once it is designed and prototyped and provide us with this information.

We haven’t considered other connectivity solutions in the Smart Selector yet.  Please contact us to receive personalized support for your battery solution.

How often is your IoT device transmitting data?

The frequency of data transmission is affecting your application’s energy consumption, thus influencing the battery selection and your device’s estimated autonomy. This parameter can be adjusted in the results page to evaluate its impact on your battery solution.

What is your IoT solution’s expected lifetime without maintenance?

“Fit and forget solutions”: Our batteries are designed to last during your device’s entire operation time, without any intervention. Select the lifetime that is matching your business case. You can adjust this parameter in the results page to measure its impact on the battery solution.

NB: If your device needs to transmit data every minute, its energy consumption will be so high that a complex battery pack will need to be designed to offer an autonomy greater than 2 years. If this is the case, please contact our experts.

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