Are you an IoT entrepreneur or designer, looking for the best battery options to match your use case and support your project? Whether you are at the beginning or at an advanced stage of your smart device conception, our tools will help you find the right battery for your project.

If you are at an early stage of your project, the Smart Selector can help you —in just 7 steps— discover which batteries match your use case, how much space you need to leave in your product design to accommodate them, an average estimation of their lifetime, and their price level. You can then edit the parameters of your application to find out in real time their impact on your battery choice. You can download a customized report, for free at the end of the process.

If you are further advanced in your project and need some more accurate modelling, the Wisebatt for Saft platform is for you! You can estimate your device’s power consumption and try out software and hardware options to optimize its lifetime.

Saft Battery Lifetime Model

My electronic design is already set up.

I need a personalized battery proposal and a lifetime calculation from Saft’s experts
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